The Sky Tech, London 2015 is coming soon.

The Sky Tech is a one day event which serves as a platform to integrate UAVs in the commercial industry. This is a completely free to attend event and is going to take place in London on April 24th.

The event includes four conferences and companies’ exhibitions, a good opportunity to learn more about the current capabilities and future applications for UAVs and stay updated with the latest in the sector. Plus you can meet with experts in the industry and learn more about their work.

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Event Info:

The event will be divided in three zones:

  •     Zone 1: Technology and Legislation

This will provided the essential information required to get to grips with UAVs, best practice for UAV usage, the latest updates on legislation, software and technology.

  •     Zone 2: Agriculture and Environment

This zone will shade light upon the endless opportunities for UAVs within this sector, including precision agriculture and 3D mapping, disaster relief and animal conservation.

  •     Zone 3: Applications

This is going to be a “case study hub”. Here you can discover the latest users for UAVs in different sectors, including oil and gas, search and rescue, policing, fire service, security, construction, infrastructure, delivery, photography and filming.

Alpha Unmanned Systems is looking forward to join all the manufacturers, components suppliers, software companies, service providers, existing and potential end users, UAV associations and academics attending the event.

If you want to know more about this event, go to Sky Tech

Hope to see you soon!!