Alpha 800 soars in Abu Dhabi!

Last week Alpha Unmanned Systems exhibited its professional-grade Alpha 800 helicopter UAV at UMEX in Abu Dhabi. While part of the team exhibited in an impressive and well air-conditioned expo hall, Alpha’s COO and lead polite conducted live demo flights at the Al Ain military airport 120km away.
The Alpha 800 autonomous helicopter UAV was equipped with an excellent camera; the Epsilon 140 (UAV Factory) complete with range finder, object tracking, dual sensor and IR stabilization. The Alpha 800 flew alongside a Predator and a Schiebel S-100.
Flying in the middle of the desert was a new experience for Alpha, and proves again that neither strong winds nor sand will stand in the Alpha 800’s way. With the Alpha 800 flying its pre-programmed path, the camera easily tracked different moving objects, identified licence plates from over 1 km distance and landed autonomously. The entire flight was shown live on a big screen to the invited dignitaries and streamed live to the conference center in Abu Dhabi. Real-time flight commentary was provided at the airfield by Eric Freeman, Alpha’s CEO.
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These videos can be seen here:
Live-fly demonstration at Al-Ain.
Epsilon 140 first video from the Alpha 800 UAV Helicopter