These two Spanish companies are collaborating to offer drone-based surveillance with the ability to reserve time slots by SMS or WhatsApp messaging to visit beaches during the COVID-19 crisis.

A complete Beach Safety Solution will include 2 Alpha 800 helicopter drones equipped with dual sensor cameras, for day and night use. SMSPASS.NET will provide the reservation management platform for areas and times on the beaches.  The union of the best drone-based surveillance systems and an easy-to-use booking tool through SMS or WhatsApp messages, creates safer spaces for holiday-goers this Summer.

The helicopter drones provided by Alpha Unmanned Systems for beach surveillance are the Alpha 800 model. Alpha 800s are already being used by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) in Spain and are versatile and reliable.
The Alpha 800 gasoline powered helicopter drones have 30km flight ranges and flight autonomy up to 3 hours, well above commercial drones. Their load capacity far exceeds commercial drones, reaching up to 3 kilograms. This allows the Alpha 800s to carry high quality cameras as well as medical equipment such as defibrillators or flotation devices when necessary. They can also be controlled up to 30 kilometers away, allowing their operators to control the drones beyond line of sight.

The SMSPASS.NET system is designed so that anyone with a mobile phone can use it. SMS PASS is easier to use than conventional apps, because you can request the beach and the time slot you wish to use just by sending an SMS or WhatsApp message.

If you wish to receive more information about this comprehensive solution for safer beaches, as well as about Alpha Unmanned Systems or SMSPASS.NET, please contact: