Alpha 800


A versatile platform for your system

This Alpha 800 Airframe has been engineered by Alpha Unmanned Systems specifically as a flexible and user-friendly development platform to help customers integrate their own systems.

Built to aviation manufacturing standards and using state-of-the-art design programs, the Alpha 800 Airframe accelerates your development efforts and is built for robust and reliable flight.


The extreme versatility of the Alpha 800 Airframe ensures that almost any project or mission can be accomplished. Its use dramatically reduces development costs.

Choose among our sub-systems

Customers integrate their own autopilot, data link and payload. Choosing among our available subsystems can further shorten the development process.

Key Features of the Alpha 800 Airframe:

  • Up to 5 kg of payload capacity available in five configurations
  • 3.6 L of fuel capacity tproviding between two and three hours of flight (depending on payload)
  • Multiple plug-and-play subsystems available (PCM, POWER BOARD, AUTOPILOT, PAYLOADS)

We support our customers

Alpha Unmanned Systems understands the difficulties of creating an aerial platform and strives to make use as easy as possible. With the purchase of an Alpha 800 Airframe, the following are included:

  • 3D model for payload integration
  • Engine dynamometer data
  • Control surfaces typical configuration
  • Maintenance manual
  • Recommended configurations for payload bays
  • Typical vibration pattern of payload bay and isolation guidance notes

With this documentation package, an engineer can define the payload location and subsystems in hours rather than days.

The Alpha 800 Airframe is delivered for assembly in three parts: the main assembly, landing gear and tail assembly. A technician will require approximately one hour for assembly before installation of electronics.

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