Alpha 800 UAV Helicopter. Complete system

The complete system is based on the ALPHA 800 UAV Airframe and includes all systems and subsystems to carry out the most typical UAV missions. Delivered in rugged cases and with maintenance and operator´s manuals, users will be able to operate whenever and wherever they wish.

The ALPHA 800 is small enough to be transported in a small van and can be deployed very quickly.

The Complete System includes:

2 x UAV Helicopters Alpha 800 with selected payload

1 x Ground Control Station (GCASE+GTRACK)

1 x Spare parts package

1 x Training program

Key features

Two+ hours endurance

15-30 Km Range

Encrypted data link for both video and telemetry

IR/EO stabilized payload

Auto take-off and landing

Smart features

Geo referenced camera

GCS Follow navigation

Camera guided mode

Able to fly for a limited period of time in a GPS denied environment

Several pilot – induced errors protection features

Ability to integrate the system with other IP-based network platforms

Training program:

Our training program takes place in Madrid and ensures that all new ALPHA 800 operators learn how to operate and maintain the ALPHA 800 platform.

The schedule of the training program is as follows:

  • System introduction
  • Autopilot and Ground Control Station overview & modes
  • Mission planning & simulation
  • Internal & external operator roles
  • Real missions exercises
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Final exam

Upon successful completion of the training program, operators will receive an Operations Certificate issued by Alpha Unmanned Systems.

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