Alpha 800 UAV


The unmanned helicopter that does the hard work

 The Alpha 800 is simply the best in its class.  It is the most reliable and durable unmanned helicopter available for a multitude of monitoring tasks.

Utilizing a UAV platform that flies in fully autonomous and/or manual mode – or both – the Alpha 800 does much of the same work as a manned helicopter but with far lower maintenance requirements and overall costs.

Very light and easily maneuverable at less than 14kg, it is not affected by regulations that severely limit the use of heavier UAV’s. Its light weight enhances versatility in a wide range of missions.

Key features

2.5 hours endurance

3 Kg of payload capacity

Up to 30 Km range

On-board alternator/generator

Redundant power supply

High variety of payloads available and integrated

All on board electronics are IP64 or higher rated

Patent pending technologies

Combining key aspects of rotary wing UAV’s:

Vertical take-off/landing and hovering

Extended endurance due to gas powered engine

Considerable payload capacity, enabling use of high quality EO/IR cameras and sensors

AFCU control over a wide range of tasks:

Auto take-off and landing

Auto Flight plan execution (waypoints)

Hover and Fly-to

Auto Return-To-Base (RTB) in case of communication failure

Manual override

Camera (payload) stabilization, pointing and control

Onboard 3D Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for accurate control and camera

Range of payloads are available and already integrated:

Day vision

Low light vision

Night vision or IR

Lidar payload


Designed for efficiency, built to last

The sturdy Alpha 800 UAS is designed to perform the most demanding applications over many years.

In compliance with the strictest aeronautic design requirements, each component has been created and assembled using 2D and 3D CAD tools. The airframe is constructed with aeronautical grade aluminum and carbon fiber, and the 2-stroke engine is small and efficient.

The industrial grade belt transmission system drives the power from the engine to the rotors and to the on-board alternator, ensuring low maintenance and high reliability.

Protected electronics systems

The electrical systems of the ALPHA 800 UAS are individually isolated from vibrations and comply with IP64 as minimum rating. The main wiring uses MIL-SPEC connectors and is protected against abrasion, vibration and corrosion.

Ensuring a safe landing

The alternator provides redundancy to the system, and in the unlikely event of generator failure, the backup battery takes over. Payload and servos power supply ports are protected by resettable fuses, ensuring that the remaining systems will continue working in the event of a subsystem failure.

Interconnected systems improve communication

The camera, autopilot and the engine monitor are interconnected, providing the operator with important information on one screen in real time. This includes CHT, fuel quantity, flight plan, telemetry, payload details and video.

A reliable autopilot for a dependable UAV

The powerful VECTOR autopilot from UAV Navigationserves as the Autonomous Flight Control Unit of the Alpha 800 UAS. The VECTOR has been used to convert manned aircrafts into unmanned, and its technology has accumulated over 50K hours of flight. Custom-fitted for the ALPHA 800, the autopilot is integrated with highly effective sensors, including high precision GPS antenna, proximity sensor as weight on wheels (WOW) or rpms sensor.

Easy to fly and maintain

Every ALPHA 800 UAS is delivered with a full set of documentation:

  • Pilot operating handbook
  • Platform logbook
  • Pre-flight checklists
  • Maintenance manual

All materials ensure easy performance of all tasks and are written to aeronautic standards.

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