Alpha at European Rotors’23

Exciting news from European Rotors in Madrid! The showcase of the Alpha A900 UAV system integrated with Centum Research & Technology’s LifeSeeker sensor marks a groundbreaking collaboration in Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.

We are thrilled to exhibit how two Spanish companies seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology for unparalleled efficiency in SAR operations.

The Alpha A900’s high capabilities, offering up to 4 hours of autonomy and a 100km range, make it the ultimate platform to operate the LifeSeeker sensor.
This integration of the Alpha A900 with the LifeSeeker sensor empowers SAR missions in challenging weather conditions and diverse terrains.

Imagine the impact: emergency incoming call to find a missing person, as quick as 15 min the A900 is deployed and takes off. During the search flight, the missing person’s signal is detected and its precise location is identified. Then, a rapid response is initiated with a rescue team dispatched promptly.
This collaboration revolutionizes SAR operations, elevating our ability to save lives efficiently and effectively.

The combination of Alpha A900’s capabilities with the LifeSeeker sensor represents a leap forward in SAR technology.

We’re proud to be at the forefront, offering a powerful solution that brings hope in critical situations.

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