Alpha Unmanned Systems at Dynamic Messenger 2023

Alpha Unmanned Systems attended the Dynamic Messenger 2023 exercises at the invitation of the Navy, as part of their collaboration to integrate the A900 helicopters into the combat systems of the Armadas’ BAM Furor P-46.

aving successfully completed this integration, the objective of these exercises was to contribute to the development of new NATO protocols for unmanned vehicles for maritime defense missions. 

An 3 person team from Alpha was onboard the BAM Furor P-46 for the two-week duration of the exercises, successfully carrying out all assigned missions (surveillance, search, escort, ISR, etc.) and demonstrating the reliability, expertise, versatility, and robustness of our systems, while also highlighting the minimal logistical footprint utilized by Alpha helicopters.

During the Distinguished Visitors Day, we had the honor of hosting Portugal’s Minister of National Defense, Helena Carreiras, along with the Chief of Naval Staff and the National Maritime Authority, Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo, and the Secretary of State for National Defense, Carlos Pires, among other prominent figures from both civilian and military backgrounds. As a culmination of the event, visitors witnessed a flight demonstration of the A900.

We are very pleased with the results achieved during the exercises. Alpha was one of very few systems involved in these important operations for the maritime security of allied countries.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Spanish Armada for its trust in our systems and for inviting us to participate in Dynamic Messenger 2023.

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