The vanguard of UAV design and production in Spain

Step by step Alpha continues its efforts to lead the design and manufacture of UAVs and related systems worldwide. Over the last several years, many governments and private companies have acquired Alpha’s aeronautical technology. Alpha’s clients in Spain include INTA (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Aerospacial), that recently acquired an A800 helicopter along with its Ground Control Station, multiple electronic sensors and long-range communications system.

Alpha provides “full-cycle” engineering support, from concept evaluation, prototype development, testing and implementation. For its customers, Alpha’s training (hybrid online and in-person), operations and mission planning support are key components for which they choose Alpha.

“This acquisition by INTA, along with other purchases from the Ministry of Defense in Spain, validate and further consolidate our position as leaders in UAV design and manufacturing of tactical helicopter platforms,” states Eric Freeman, CEO of Alpha Unmanned Systems. Freeman values very positively the fact that the Spanish Government promotes and builds commercial relationships to support Spanish technology companies.

Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL is a 100% Spanish technology company that designs and builds its proprietary line of fuel-powered tactical helicopter UAVs. Based in Madrid, Alpha also specializes in related UAV services that include sensor integration and communications technologies.

Alpha’s fuel-powered helicopter UAVs fly currently in 8 countries and on 4 continents. Compared to similarly sized UAV systems, Alpha’s helicopters are renowned for their longer flight autonomy (up to 4,5 hours) and their higher payload capacity (up to 4kgs).

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