Unmanned Systems

Alpha Unmanned Systems is a premier UAV manufacturer of the Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 gasoline-powered helicopter UAVs.

Fully autonomous, both platforms take-off and land on moving vessels. Built STANAG-compliant, the Alpha 900 is an excellent choice for maritime surveillance and can fly up to 4,5 hours and carry payloads up to 6 kgs.
Our systems are built to order and are distributed to firms and public agencies in more than 7 countries. Alpha Unmanned Systems offers reliable and versatile tactical helicopter UAVs (up to 25Kg MTOW) for ISTAR, Border Control, Mapping, Search and Rescue, Educational Purposes, and Urgent Logistics.
Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL is a privately held independent company based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2014, by Juan Luque, Alvaro Escarpenter and Eric Freeman, the Alpha team includes aeronautical engineers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, UAV pilots, and business professionals.

AUS is comitted to helping you get your project off the ground using products that are well designed, rigorously tested, and reasonably priced.

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