G Track

A completely new design based on feedback from operational experience and the former GTRACK.
With two rotation axis the maximum performance is assured in any condition. The compact and lightweight design has been develop complying with the IP67 standard and thanks to its simplicity, the integration in vehicles, vessels or any other device is an easy task.
High throughput combined with directive antenna and  tracking system are the right combination to achieve a superior range.
Both video link and telemetry data are encrypted and operate at a frequency of 2.4Ghz with a range up to 15-30 Km.

This antenna is very easy to set up on its light and robust aluminum tripod, needing only a single cable to connect to the GCASE control case.

The GTRACK is simple to set up: just ensure that the unit is pointing North (with the supplied compass) and connect the single system cable to the GCASE.

Kit Contents:

  •  2.4GHz datalink (configurable from 100mW to 1W output)
  • 18 dBi patch antenna*
  • 2 axis tracking system
  • Heavy duty tripod
  • Communications and power supply cable
  • Rugged transport box

* 24 dBi grid antenna optional for longer ranges.

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