Drone Industry Boost Award: Alpha Unmanned Systems

The winners of the 1st DRONExpo Awards have already been announced.

Alpha Unmanned Systems has been a recipient of the Drone Industry Momentum Award since 2014, for pioneering drone technology for military and civilian use.

The company’s continued growth, with customers in more than 8 countries, highlights its leadership in technological innovation and process simplification. AUS drones are versatile tools used in a wide range of industries, backed by quality certifications and a sustainable approach.

Clúster SIAM, the first national ‘aeromobility’ cluster created to promote Innovative Aerial Mobility (IAM), and ITG Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia, which is leading the implementation of U-space in A Coruña, a key part of the EU’s U-ELCOME project, were finalists in the same category.

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