Ground Control Station


Providing the reliability you need

A Ground Control Station that is simple, compact, rugged and easy to carry and deploy, the G-Case contains the electronics necessary to serve as the connection point for the system.

It is housed in a handy, waterproof Peli case and incorporates the following primary items:

  • Ground Control Unit for commanding the autopilot onboard the UAV with up to four channels for multi-UAV operation
  • VISIONAIR PREMIUM software running on a ruggedized laptop (UAV Navigation)
  • Battery with up to 3 hours of operation (includes LCD battery level indicator)
  • Joystick for manual operation
  • Two Ethernet outputs

AUS works with VISIONAIR, a UAV Navigation software product that maintains the all-important goal of Fly the camera, not the UAV.  The highly intuitive software:

  • Supports fully automatic flight with minimal operator input
  • Assists in avoiding distractions unrelated to the primary mission
  • Is easy to install in any commercial PC with low hardware requirements, a Windows-style design, and a point & click operation with simple menus
  • Typically requires less than one week in training for a non-experienced operator
  • Includes advanced automatic flight modes providing exceptional ease of operation for non-expert operators even during emergencies, communications loss, or adverse meteorological conditions.


Designed with customer feedback

Our latest GTRACK design is based on feedback from operational experience with the previous model.

With two-rotation axis, maximum performance is assured in all conditions. Compact and lightweight, it was developed in compliance with the IP67 standards, and is easy to integrate in vehicles, vessels and other devices.

The superior range is the result of high throughput combined with directive antenna and tracking system. Simple to set up, the antenna sits on a light and robust aluminum tripod, needing only a single cable to connect to the GCASE. Both video link and telemetry data are encrypted and operate at a frequency of 2.4GHz with a range up to 30 km.

For easy GTRACK set up, simply ensure the unit is pointing north (with the supplied compass) and connect the single system cable to the GCASE.

Kit Contents: 

  •  2.4GHz datalink (configurable from 100mW to 1W output)
  • 18 dBi patch antenna*
  • 2 axis tracking system
  • Heavy duty tripod
  • Communications and power supply cable
  • Rugged transport box

* 24 dBi grid antenna optional for longer ranges.

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