Real World Missions. Real UAV Solutions.

Technology for a tactical advantage

The ability to obtain data immediately from the field can be critical to your mission. Our technology is designed to provide the very best in unmanned surveillance, whether of borders, infrastructure, or subjects/objects of interest.

More time in the air means more information

Our UAV helicopters, fuel-powered for long workdays, fly autonomously for up to 4 hours. The powerful engines support a payload capacity of 4kg, enabling transport of premium, high-quality sensors for your missions.

Safety first

UAV surveillance protects you from possible attack or ambush.

For the world’s most active

ALPHA technology complements other fixed and mobile surveillance systems. This includes multi-UAV systems, where several helicopters are flown concurrently to observe wide geographical areas.

To Be Seen or Not To Be Seen

Fly low or fly high, you decide. Depending on the sensor flown, you can read a license plate from 700 meters and identify the object from many kilometers. You can fly low and alert your targets that you are present, or stay out of sight.

Over land and sea

ALPHA UAV helicopters take-off and land virtually anywhere, including from small decks on moving vessels.

A bird’s eye view at sea

Alpha UAV helicopters are the ideal support tool for the Coast Guard, Border Surveillance, Commercial Fishing, Oil Rigs Maintenance and Surveillance, Navy Support, and more.


Well-suited for Maritime use

Alpha UAVs have autonomous take-off, flight, and landing capabilities from moving ships with limited deck space. This eliminates heavy and/or specialized launch or recovery systems.

From Start to Finish

The stunning endurance of Alpha helicopters brings a real advantage to missions that require longer flights over land and sea.

Environmental Contamination

The outstanding endurance and payload capacity of the Alpha UAV helicopters make them the perfect tools to prevent ecological disasters on land or over water.

The Alpha 900 can monitor air quality emissions from ships. The onboard DEDALO system analyzes air samples, records samples and reports testing results in real time.