ALPHA was invited to participate in the RAPAZ project in early 2015, the aim of the project, organized by the Spanish Army, was to evaluate the maturity and agencies of the army, to finally promote a centralized acquisition of the systems that demonstrated its maturity.

Madrid-based Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL is pleased to announce that the Volcani Center of Israel has acquired two of its Sniper Helicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for use in agricultural research.

This is the first sale by Alpha Unmanned Systems to a company in Israel and competitive market in the world for UAVs, with many successful national manufacturers.

Our COO, Álvaro Escarpenter, gave his opinion about the current civil UAV market situation and its future expectations on the latest issue of the Australian Security Magazine.

The article covers the main reasons why the commercial industry of unmanned aerial vehicles is starting to take off and where the future is pointing to.

Alpha’s team is constantly working on innovation to improve and offer better products.

After some development we designed a new, efficient and data link. All of these in a sealed, EMI protected box with IP67 connectors.

The Sky Tech is a one day event which serves as a platform to integrate UAVs in the commercial industry. This is a completely free to attend event and is going to take place in London on April 24th.

The event includes four conferences and learn more about their work.

The 51st Paris Air Show is an every two years event and this time it would take place from June 15th to 21st.

This is a well-known and services gather in this event to present their latest technological innovations. So it represents a great

For Alpha Unmanned Systems, it is important to stay updated about the trends of the different sectors in which UAVs are being applied. Throughout the years, different fields have been developing new forms of doing their work thanks to technology which has provided them with new innovative tools. In terms of UAVs, civil engineering is one of the main sectors that has been increasing during the last years.

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