A Power & Communications Module to rely on

The PCM is a sealed box that acts as interface between the autopilot and the rest of the systems of the UAV.

The PCM includes:

  • Servos  Power Management
  • Data link
  • Engine Monitor (only PCM0X–S version)

Servos power management

The PCM can provide up to 12A at factory preset voltage for servos or on-board electronic trough 6 Binder 702 Subminiature M9 – 3 pin connector (IP-67).

Data link

The data link is integrated in the box and enables communication between the autopilot and the ground station. Three different data link configurations are available:

  • Telemetry – 900 MHz
  • Telemetry & Video – 2.4 GHz up to 1W
  • Telemetry & Video – 2.4 GHz up to 2W

Engine monitor

The EM can provide any EFIS, autopilot or onboard electronics with 5Hz samples of RPMs, ambient temperature, one cylinder head temperatures (CHT), one exhaust gas temperatures (EGT), one fuel quantity, and total engine-on time.

RPM measurement can be done using optocoupler sensors, hall effect sensors, and inductive pickups. A programmable scaling range allows for multiple pickup pulses per revolution.

Using 6-point characterization curves, the EM can accept the widest variety of resistive, capacitive, differential voltage and thermo-couple sensors. Additionally, its flexible interface can be configured for thermistor or thermocouple CHT sensors.

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions: 103 x 123 x 30.5 mm

Weight: 395 g

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