Power board

The Power Board (PB) is a small, lightweight and efficient device to be used in piston engine UAVs in conjunction with a three phase brushless generator or brushed generator.

A generator supplies electrical power to the PB which provides direct current with low ripple to the system, managing at the same time the charge of the backup battery.

In case of generator failure, the battery is used as the prime power source ensuring that the autopilot and other subsystems like the servos and communications continues turned on for a safe landing.

Backup battery can be used also during prefight checks when the engine is off or RPMs are low. Also external power can be supplied to charge the battery on the ground or for preflight checks.

In case the generator supplies more voltage than the estimated voltage (30 volts), the power board will cut off the supply to protect the electronic systems. The battery is then used as power source.

The battery must be 5 cell LiFeP04 16.4V at 18V charging unless you are using any customized version.

The PB is enclosed in a light aluminum extruded case and the connectors used are industrial high quality. A IP67 aluminum milled case can be supplied upon request.

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