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“The ALPHA 800 is a great platform to carry high quality electro-optical payloads like the OTUS-135”

Magnus Sundstedt, DST Marketing Director

Alpha 800 agricultural research center drones UAV

“We looked at one UAV after another, but none could do everything we wanted until we found Alpha. When we saw what their helicopter could do, it became the first helicopter UAV certified by the Israeli Civilian Aviation Authority to fly in Israel”

Victor Alchanati, Agricultural Research Organization

Volcani Center, Israel

“The Alpha 800 UAV Helicopter is an excellent platform with which we have been able to develop a long-range, long operating time; software based, gimbal-free, high-precision video stabilization, detection and tracking system for large area monitoring and inspection”

Prof. Joseph Francos, Chief Technology Officer of Sightec

“Alpha 800 is a system with great potential, thanks to its autonomy, flight envelope, stability and load capacity, which allows to carry a wide variety of sensors, even without the need of mechanical stabilizers. An effective, robust and reliable tool.”

Carlos Albo Sánchez-Bedoya, Avionics & Systems Division


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