ALPHA successfully completes the final tests of the EU project “RESPONDRONE”

The Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems has successfully completed the final tests of the EU project “Respondrone” that it helped lead along with the German company, DLR.

Respondrone is a project that consists of 20 companies from 12 countries, financed with 8M Euros from the EU. During its 3 year duration, a “holistic platform” for First Responders was developed to improve the situational awareness. The system captured, analyzed and displayed real-time data from multiple drones and ground sources.

Alpha provided 3 of its UAV helicopters (2 Alpha 800s and 1 Alpha 900), its Ground Control Stations and a team of pilots and engineers. Through extensive collaboration with the many program partners, Alpha helped create a more complete vision of emergency situations. The Respondrone platform supports emergency response teams in real-time through data captured from drones and other sources.

The UAV flights and tests took place at the experimental flight center, ATLAS, in Jaén. Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 helicopter UAVs flew together as part of a multi-UAV exercise, testing multiple sensors, cameras, communications relays and delivering urgently needed supplies. The Alpha helicopter UAVs also executed search and rescue exercises through the identification of cell phone signals, performed vehicle tracking and identified fire locations.

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