Unmanned Systems

Alpha Unmanned Systems (AUS) is a leading manufacturer of professional-grade helicopter UAVs. AUS distributes its products worldwide for use in agricultural research, border surveillance, mining, infrastructure inspection, forest management and other purposes.

AUS offers complete systems, ready to fly day or night, rain or shine. Its systems are designed to be flown in fully autonomous or manual mode and offer 2.5 hours of flight time, a 3kg payload (with more than 15 configurations already integrated) and secure streaming video from 15-30km range.

In addition to the Alpha 800 Helicopter UAV and airframes, AUS offers a fully integrated Ground Control Station, military-grade encrypted communications, control software and all accessories tailored to client requirements. AUS is expert in Flight Control Systems and the integration of intelligent payloads for ISTAR missions and non-military tasks.

With a dedicated team of smart and professional aeronautic, electronic, and mechanical engineers, drone pilots and business professionals, Alpha offers its clients highly personalized attention.

AUS offers well designed and rigorously tested technology at competitive prices. Alpha Unmanned Systems is committed to helping you get your project off the ground!

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