Alpha 800: Durability for the long haul

The fuel-powered Alpha 800, at less than 14kg MTOW, is the most reliable UAV helicopter in its class. Similar in capabilities to a manned helicopter, it features a much lighter logistical footprint and far lower maintenance requirements and overall costs.

  • Up to 2.5 hours endurance
  • Up to 2 kg payload capacity
  • Multiple payload options
  • Fully autonomous mission execution
Alpha 800

Compact, safe, and user-friendly.

The complete A800 system is easily transported in a standard pick-up/van and is ready to deploy in minutes. Redundant safety measures and fully automatic autorotation ensure safe flights and landings.

Frequent A800 missions:

  • Maritime surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Border control
  • Off-shore monitoring
  • SAR operations
  • Infrastructure analysis and inspections
  • ER Logistics

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